15 Easy Ways to a More Stylish Home

15 Easy Ways to a More Stylish Home

Coming from the design industry I always feel a home should be curated over time. A collection of new, modern items, of thing handed down to you, and a few good antiques thrown in for good measure. A project that is never done but moves with your taste and styles as life brings us new experiences. Sometimes you just want to be spontaneous and do something quick and dirty to shake things up a bit.

  1. Wallpaper (or paint) the back of a bookshelf, a t.v. Console or dining room cabinet. It’ll feel like the room is more put together and will add a layer of texture to your décor.


  1. Cut up a picture book. Most coffee table books have their graphics formatted in the same size. If you love the book, I would suggest you buy a second one and cut it up! Buy frames in the same size and colour to fit said graphics. There are kits you can buy to help you hang these frames evenly. To get the designer look, hang pictures in uneven numbers; 3, 5 or 7’s work best.


  1. I see crystal knobs everywhere these days! Use them to glam up a simple powder room or cabinet. (Keep the old ones just incase you want to swap them out again.)


  1. Visit your local thrift store and buy something loud and eccentric! You won’t spend a ton of money and it might be a conversation starter for your next party or use it as a social experiment to see who loves it and who hates it!


  1. Switch out a light fixture you don’t love. Powder rooms are notorious to be forgotten and boring spaces. Start with something ‘designery’ and build the room around it. It can be super fantastic!


  1. Paint it RED (or blue or black!)! Before getting rid of that odd chair, or tired jewelry box, buy a can of high gloss spray paint and paint it up! (Sand the item and prep it properly, and spray in a well ventilated, covered space!)


  1. Replace your front door lock with a keyless entry lock! I carry one key with me and I plan on buying a keyless car soon too- it’s on my wishlist!


  1. How does your home smell? I love the new atomizers that purify and humidify the room with your favorite essential oils. You can also try a Lampe Berger or spritz some linen room mist to make it smell heavenly.


  1. Treat yourself to a new shower curtain. It’s another great way to add something glamorous or artistic without committing to it year round.


  1. Think layers. Add curtains to an otherwise blank window, sheers or a blind or all three to really dress up an otherwise blank window.


  1. Move around your art. Artwork gets boring when you keep it in the same place all the time. Move pieces around so you actually enjoy looking at them in a new spot.


  1. Eat in the dining room and don’t wait for Thanksgiving or the queen to come over. It’s an underutilized area and should be used to make even takeout night feel special.


  1. Style and edit your book shelves. One of my favorite afternoons is to take everything off the bookshelf, dust it and put everything back in a different order. No need to throw out the books you don’t want back, stack them on a coffer table or move them to another part of the house or store them in a closet if they’re not beautiful books.


  1. Paint or treat yourself to a new mailbox! I just hand delivered some cards over the holiday and noticed that most people have the oldest, rustiest, cheapest mailbox out there. It does so much for your curb appeal to buy a new mailbox, or if you’re handy; paint up an old one or build a new one from scratch.


  1. Add a small shelf to a powder room big enough to hold a box of tissue, hand cream or a cute spritzer of air freshener. It’ll make your guest more comfortable and can add a beautiful touch to an otherwise bland space.


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