5 Key Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Fixer Upper

When I first start working with a home buyer- one of the first questions will be; "What amount of renovation work can you handle?" Most people want a ‘move in ready’ home, not a lot of work, maybe a new coat of paint in this room or that and that’s the extent of it. The way the real estate market is right now, people don’t have to stage or fix up their homes before selling. A house that needs even a lot of work will usually sell with multiple offers if the price and location are right in today’s crazy hot [...]

Can a Bedskirt sell a Multi-Million Dollar home?

Not too long ago did I come across a listing of a multi-million dollar home that one of the beds in the listing photos did not have a bedskirt. Now, you’re probably thinking that I’m being picky and wondering how I would ever notice a thing like that. Well, that’s my job. I’m very detail oriented and before becoming the Realtor® extraordinaire that I am today, was that of an interior decorator and home stager.  So you would think it would be the job of that highend Realtor® to recommend to their clients to hire a stager, or even better-it would [...]

The Top Three Things to Know when Hiring a Realtor®

Being a Realtor is more than just writing up an offer or sticking a sign in your lawn. Here are the top three things as to how I serve my clients best. I’m not asking more than what you’d paid your average realtor- you just get more bang for your buck (and buyers don’t pay for my services- the seller does).   Top three things of how to get the right price when selling: Stage the crap out of your house, literally and figuratively. The going trend right now is to ditch everything personal, paint the walls white and bring [...]

How to Rock your next Garage Sale

Don't you just love a good garage sale? How do you make your garage sale unique and stand out from the rest? Here are some good tips to keep in mind before, during and after the big day! 1. What’s your goal?  Your goal should be to rid yourself of excess clutter, and NOT bring it back in the house. Price things right. Check out prices on line first and price your stuff accordingly. Gone are the days on twenty five cent anything, unless it came from the dollar store. Don’t forget, the dollar store has things for $3 now! 2. Ask [...]

Shop Local but Tell the WORLD!

We’ve all experienced it. A great coffee shop or a favorite pizza place closes down in your neighbourhood. “Why?” you ask yourself. They had a great product, great service at a great price. What could have gone wrong? Well, I think it’s our own fault. We were to blame. Yes, I'm just as guilty as you are. I’m not asking you to eat pizza every day- just tell somebody about your delicious experience! We have the power to help the businesses we love now more than ever before. We have social media, we have the Internet, we need to share [...]

15 Easy Ways to a More Stylish Home

Coming from the design industry I always feel a home should be curated over time. A collection of new, modern items, of thing handed down to you, and a few good antiques thrown in for good measure. A project that is never done but moves with your taste and styles as life brings us new experiences. Sometimes you just want to be spontaneous and do something quick and dirty to shake things up a bit. Wallpaper (or paint) the back of a bookshelf, a t.v. Console or dining room cabinet. It’ll feel like the room is more put together and [...]

How to Pick a Realtor for YOUR needs

First and foremost; Do you like them? You should. You’ll be spending a lot of time with them.   Be Sherlock Holmes and do a little research on them. Have you checked out their website? Is the website cohesive, well put together and does it align with the kind of person you are? Do they look professional online because most people looking for a home look online first.   Do they have testimonials from previous clients? Have you met any past clients? Referrals are great but if you don’t know anyone in the area, ask to speak to their previous [...]

How to Hold a Stylish Swap Soiree

If you aren’t the type to have a garage sale or sell your gently used items online, I recommend you host a Swap Party! I have hosted a few before and now it's become an annual event. It’s an opportunity to see your friends and give away things that you once loved but no longer need. Your friends generally are in the same age group and life-stage as you, so the items they bring are usually really cool and easy for someone to love as much as you did. No need to be embarrassed about the cost or style of the item(s) you bring, [...]

One Man’s Trash…

We all know this saying "One man's trash is another man's treasure." But when it comes to donating your used home goods, be it a chair, flower pot, old cutlery or unwanted bedding or clothing, we tend to forget that we can donate all these items to charity. I hear time and time again from people who only see it as 'trash'. They forget the abundance we have, and how grateful others would be for these gently used item. There are so many less fortunate people, like abused mothers who have to flee their home with just the clothes on [...]