Can a Bedskirt sell a Multi-Million Dollar home?

Can a Bedskirt sell a Multi-Million Dollar home?

Not too long ago did I come across a listing of a multi-million dollar home that one of the beds in the listing photos did not have a bedskirt. Now, you’re probably thinking that I’m being picky and wondering how I would ever notice a thing like that. Well, that’s my job. I’m very detail oriented and before becoming the Realtor® extraordinaire that I am today, was that of an interior decorator and home stager. 

So you would think it would be the job of that highend Realtor® to recommend to their clients to hire a stager, or even better-it would be part of the added value of the Realtor® (fyi- I offer that as part of my added value services). In this case the home needed more work than just a small bed skirt.

The home needed a big overhaul. The owners’ personal items were so distracting that potential buyers couldn’t see past the clutter, dated paint job, stained carpet and old fashioned 80’s light fixtures. (Also something a stager could take care of). So, what is my point here?  “Will a bed skirt really sell a multi-million dollar home?” The answer is yes, possibly or maybe the lack of a bed skirt could actually hinder a sale. It could also mean the missing bed skirt could sell the home, but not in the favour of the sellers.

This missing bedskirt has given me a small clue as to what kind of lifestyle these people lead. It could mean that they don’t have the money or inclination to make all these changes. The changes may cost a few thousand dollars, but the homeowners may not even have the funds to even make these changes.

Stay with me… This small clue has led me to bigger clues to get the answer to the question of my buyers; “how much can we offer?” “How motivated are the sellers?” When looking at homes in any price range, you have to find the clues as to what is going through the mind of the seller to make the best negotiating moves and a good Realtor® can do that for you.

As a buyer’s agent, it is my job to spot these things and make an offer in the buyers favour. I would not hesitate to submit a low offer on behalf of my buyer clients, if it met the criteria. The conditions have to be right, the condition of the house has to be good, the research has to be done.The mood has to be set.

In the high stakes of Real Estate, one has to see what a missing bed skirt really represents. If I were the listing agent, I wouldn’t take the listing if they homeowners didn’t agree to the idea of staging. I know it’s emotional and hard not to take it personal but you have to trust the Realtor® and their advice. We know what sells and what doesn’t.

In my mind this Realtor® has done a disservice to the client. The particular house was on the market for over a year. This also means the house may be overpriced based on the condition and competition in that price range. Can you imagine the poor owners having to show the house on and off for over a year?

My favorite buyers are the ones who can see beyond the cosmetic and not judge the sellers by their lack of decorating savvy (you guys are a special bunch- not everyone can do that!) I love getting my buyers a good price if they have the ability to see beyond the cosmetic. Yes, even in a sellers market, there are deals out there to be had.

Also for my selling clients, I do offer a free staging consultation and if you need furniture rental or a bigger overhaul- I can help you with that too.

If you’d like to work with me, either buying or selling in Mississauga and the surrounding area, I’d be thrilled to chat about your needs. Please contact me anytime, I’ll make sure all your beds are skirted.

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