Congratulations for making this huge decision to buy your first property – or maybe you’re looking to buy an income property or downsize from your current home. Whatever your reason for moving, it’s a big decision and you need to find the right Realtor to help you navigate the “waters” of the real estate world. Much like being a captain of a ship, a Realtor should help you chart your course to reach your real estate “destination”.

I’ll help you get your financing in order
Much like knowing where you can afford to travel, even before you start thinking about the destination you should set a budget. Imagine if you didn’t know how much you could afford before you start travelling – would you even buy a plane ticket if you didn’t know how much it cost? It’s like saying you afford to stay in a 5 star hotel when you don’t even know how much a 5 star hotel costs! It can be an eye opener and it’s not fair to tempt you by showing you houses you won’t be able to afford. I only work with clients who have their financing in order. If you don’t yet, that’s ok! I have exceptional mortgage brokers who I work closely with who offer my clients VIP financing. One more reason to work with a professional like me!

You should get along with your Realtor
Do you like you’re Realtor/Captain? Do you trust them? If you tell your Captain East, do they look West? Do you have compatible communication styles? A great Realtor will be able to navigate all types of waters, not just the smooth sailing. There are many moving parts when buying a home. Sometimes the “waters” can be quite rough. There are emotions, decisions, communication with lawyers and lenders, inspectors and appraisers. You need a Realtor/Captain who can do all this and more! One that you feel you are in good hands, and even if the waters are rough, you know your captain is still taking you in the right direction, figuratively speak.

I love negotiating for my buyers
We all have different specialties. I get a thrill out of saving my clients money. On average, I save my buyers over $9000.00 per transaction! (As of 2016 – stats from That’s in a sellers market! I also have a background in design so I can help determine how much a renovation will cost (big or small) before you even make an offer on a home. All the while the seller sets the commission amount so it’s like you’re not even paying for any of this awesome value you’re getting! If I know you must be excited to work with me already but not so fast… I offer interested buyers to take me on a ‘trial run’ (as should every Realtor offer this but they don’t).


How Does The Home Buying Process Work?

First, we’ll book an appointment to meet at my office to see if we’re a good fit. (If we already know each other, we can forego this meeting.)

Next, I offer a ‘trial run’. We’ll meet in a home you’re interested in – you don’t have to sign anything on this first viewing. You can see me in action and I can guarantee you’ll learn something on this very first meeting.

Once we are committed to working together, we’ll sign a buyer representation agreement so you know that you will receive professional representation throughout your entire transaction. This is like your insurance policy with me. I’ll be there to give you advice and guidance at all the homes we go see together. Even if you visit an open house on your own, I’ve got you covered! You haven’t paid me a penny yet, so I HAVE to keep you happy!

We will tour and view the homes you select at a convenient time for you.

Once we’ve found a home you want to make an offer on, I will research the comparable homes in the area that have sold recently to offer guidance on how much money to offer and let you know what similar homes are selling for in this market. (It is your decision on how much to offer.)

I will negotiate on only your behalf (not the sellers’) to ensure you receive not only the best price, but on other things like closing dates, items in the home you want included in the sale and more. Did I mention my track record? (I have saved my clients over $9000 on average! That’s over 2% better than all the other Realtors in the GTA!)

I cherish my list of highly qualified professionals and only recommend them to my own clientele. I do NOT get a referral fee or “kickbacks” from my recommended professionals. My list includes professionals such as attorneys, home inspectors, stagers, mortgage brokers, HVAC specialists, contractors, decorators, handymen, and so many more.

After you purchase a home, my services don’t stop. I have other resources, and am always available to help you with advice or anything else you need to help make your house a home.

Are you ready to meet? Call or click here set up a free, no obligation session. Even if you’re not ready to buy or just have questions – I’m happy to chat!