Shop Local but Tell the WORLD!

Shop Local but Tell the WORLD!

We’ve all experienced it. A great coffee shop or a favorite pizza place closes down in your neighbourhood. “Why?” you ask yourself. They had a great product, great service at a great price. What could have gone wrong?

Well, I think it’s our own fault. We were to blame. Yes, I’m just as guilty as you are. I’m not asking you to eat pizza every day- just tell somebody about your delicious experience! We have the power to help the businesses we love now more than ever before. We have social media, we have the Internet, we need to share these great businesses we love to keep them alive and thriving!

What makes a small, inconspicuous place like Burrito Boys so friggin’ busy? They’re not giving away free burritos, their location are even a little out of the way, they’re not publishing ads to make burritos a sexy way to get chicks. What is it? How could this be? Because the customers that frequent a place like Borrito Boys share on social media what a tasty meal they had! People always want to know you got great service or that you had a wonderful experience, meal, cookie…whatever it is- tell the world! Don’t think that not sharing your experience will keep that place a secret and it won’t get busy so you won’t have to wait in line. No, it’ll just close down. We don’t want that to happen do we?

It’s the truth. It’s the honest testimonials of like-minded people that post/share how much they love the business, the people running the business, if they are having a fun event, and of course if their product is pretty darn good. Whatever you can honestly talk about and share with others- do it! Don’t worry about your spelling or what you’re going to say. The best testimonial is when you speak from the heart. Use your own words, show pictures or even post a little video!

If we all thought this way- having this ‘I love therefore I share’ mentality about all the businesses and business people we respect and want to see succeed, the world might be a better place! It’s tough out there, especially for the sole proprietors that don’t have a big franchise name behind them. They struggle, sometimes to the point of bankruptcy, just to make an honest living. A lot of local businesses give back to the community directly or indirectly too, they hire people and make your community a thriving, better place to live. Don’t forget about the services you use every day, talk about a great mortgage broker, realtor (yup- there’s the shameless plug), gas station, accountant, cabbage roll maker! You never know when someone is currently looking for that great product or service. So remember, the next time you have a great customer service experience or learn about a great product or person – share it with your online community and if you find an awesome burger place, let me know- I’ll meet you there!

My challenge to you: Post one great product or service you really like and wish to support. I look forward to reading your testimonials!


Colette Rabba is a caring, licensed Realtor in the GTA. She enjoys the thrill of the negotiation process and has a design background to help you visualize making a new home your own. She saves her buyer clients over *$9000.00 more on average, per sale, than the average Realtor®. ( *published by TREB, Find her here:



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