The Top Three Things to Know when Hiring a Realtor®

The Top Three Things to Know when Hiring a Realtor®

Being a Realtor is more than just writing up an offer or sticking a sign in your lawn. Here are the top three things as to how I serve my clients best. I’m not asking more than what you’d paid your average realtor- you just get more bang for your buck (and buyers don’t pay for my services- the seller does).


Top three things of how to get the right price when selling:

  1. Stage the crap out of your house, literally and figuratively. The going trend right now is to ditch everything personal, paint the walls white and bring in modern furniture in greys and other trending colours. We try and get your house in the best condition before listing. Also we suggest you prepack and ditch the rest. (This is part of our added value services. I offer a free staging and pre-packing consultation.) Actually- there are three things right there…Awesome bang for your buck already!


  1. We market the crap out of your home. We spend time and money designing and printing beautiful marketing materials, and developing proven on-line marketing materials (like pictures, tweets, hashtags and awesome videos to name a few!) to capture the widest buyer- ready audience for your home, not just the tire kickers who surf


  1. We strategically price your home. We do extensive research on the current neighbourhood market, we strategize with our local experts to come up with the best list price and strategy to get the highest and best offers. Yes, it can vary by neighbourhood, the time of the year, the buying culture and who your target buyers are.


Top three things of how to get the right price when you buy:

  1. Know what kind of market it is. If it’s a sellers market- there are a lot of buyers vying for the same home. This means the sale can turn into a ‘bidding war’ and if you’ve come to play- we strategize the negotiation to win! If it’s a buyer’s market, then the world is your oyster.
  1. Know what you’re getting into. My background in design and renovating will help you understand the type of home you’re buying. My honesty may break your heart because I will point out flaws if I see them. I’d rather you see them before you make an offer to save bigger heartbreak and unforeseen costs down the road. I can also estimate renovation costs big or small so you can budget for these things even before you make an offer! (I would still recommend you get a home inspector before the deal is final. Another pair of professional eyes is worth it.)
  1. Know the neighbourhood! Knowing why you’re getting an amazing deal, paying too much or should run and not look back can be a tricky endeavor. If you have as much information on not just the home, but the neighbourhood itself, the info on the closest schools, parks, shopping, where the nearest Tim Horton’s is or the demographics of the area, I’d be pleased to answer all these questions for you before you make an offer.


There is soo much more I offer my very special clients- just too much to write about in this little article. Are you ready to buy or sell? It’s a no obligation, no pressure meeting. Follow me on instagram, facebook or if you’re ready- Send me an email, call or text and we’ll arrange a meeting. I look forward to meeting you! Find me here:

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